Eleni Alina

It all started with my yearning for learning. Later on photography became my passion.

I graduated photography from “Tiberiu Brediceanu” Arts and Crafts School in Brasov , Romania in 2009 and since then, photography continually challenged my imagination.

Before becoming a professional photographer most of my practice sessions were with my friends as models. Then the word spread and more and more people became interested in what I was doing. I emerged in new areas of photography as young couples wanted me to be a witness at the most important moments of their life.

The most exciting and engaging photo projects were born by playing and experimenting. This is how the fairytale characters (from “Once Upon a Time” section of the site) became real. I began by taking care of everything by myself (photography, costumes, makeup, and hair). As my knowledge in photography grew, I started having photo sessions that involved more and more logistics. Now I have a team that is excited to help me with these concept art projects.

If you want to be part of my great team feel free to contact me!